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Can High ESG Ratings Help Sustain Dividend Growth?

Harvard Corporate Governance

One possible source of returns in this environment could be dividends, particularly from those companies able to grow their dividends despite the prevailing macroeconomic headwinds. Companies with dividend growth that keeps pace with inflation could potentially be favored by investors. more…).

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Do big companies cut dividends to grow?

Mckinsey and Company

Large, stable corporations almost never cut dividends as a strategic choice. Instead, they reduce dividends only when they have low earnings or when challenging economic conditions force their hand.


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Tax-Wise Ways to Take Cash From Your Corporation While Avoiding Dividend Treatment

Machen McChesney

If you want to withdraw cash from your closely held corporation at a low tax cost, the easiest way is to distribute cash as a dividend. However, a dividend distribution isn’t tax efficient since it’s taxable to you to the extent of your corporation’s “earnings and profits,” but it’s not deductible by the corporation.

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NYCB Dividend Cut

Essentials of Corporate Finance

On January 31, 2024, the company announced that it would clash its quarterly dividend from 4.17 With high interest rates, New York City rent control policies, and changing demand for commercial real estate in New York City, investors are concerned about the bank's future performance. 05, a 70 percent cut.

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Three’s £2bn dividend payout sparks row over Vodafone merger

The Guardian M&A

The Unite union said the dividend paid to the Hong Kong-listed conglomerate of the billionaire Li Ka-shing, which owns Three, revealed that the firm was highly profitable as an independent business and could remain viable without a merger.

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Dividend Policy for Family Businesses

Auto Dealer Valuation Insights

Travis Harms provides an insightful examination into the important topic of dividend policy in family businesses. He breaks it down into four types of dividend policies, highlighting the balance between shareholder certainty and.

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Washington State AG Seeks To Block Albertsons' $4B Dividend Payout


Albertsons Companies Inc (NYSE: ACI ) had a lawsuit filed against it by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson to stop the grocery chain from paying shareholder dividends.