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Liquor Store Valuation


The most common forms of liquor shop valuation methodologies are as follows: Asset-Based Approach – This approach is used to value a company as a going concern. The supplies and equipment sold to consumers or clients are considered assets.

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Update on Oil & Gas Royalties Litigation-Key Valuation Issues

Value Scope

The large premium paid is based on a very long range, and quite permanent, model of the combined companies. There are no standardized rules for the valuation of oil and gas assets. The Asset-Based Approach. The Market Approach. The Income Approach.


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Recent Stock Valuation Decisions Reign “Supreme”

Farrel Fritz

The respondents’ cross-appeal challenged the trial court’s application of the asset-based approach over the income-based approach. Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Non-Deduction for Built-In Gains Tax But Faults Net Asset Valuation for Excluding Liquidation Costs.

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Conducting Cybersecurity Risk Assessments Guide: The Complete Introduction

Audit Board

Cybersecurity risk assessments are a means for organizations to assess risks to their information assets and are a core requirement of most cybersecurity frameworks. Risk identification is the process of identifying risks to the organization’s information assets.

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Discounted-Cash-Flow-Analysis: Your Complete Guide with Examples


Context of DCF: There are three main approaches to calculating a company’s value. the intrinsic or income-based approach, also known as an entity approach, then there is also 2. the asset-based approach also known as the cost-based approach, and finally 3.