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Oregon State Treasury Nomination Neutrality

Harvard Corporate Governance

Posted by Philip Larrieu, Oregon State Treasury, on Monday, February 26, 2024 Editor's Note: Philip Larrieu is a Stewardship Investment Officer at the Oregon State Treasury. This post was prepared for the Forum by Mr. Larrieu.

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Treasury Proposes Steeper Foreign Investment Law Penalties

Law 360 M&A

Department of the Treasury issued a notice Thursday proposing to sharpen its procedures and enforcement practices for reviewing foreign investment deals for national security issues, according to an announcement.


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Treasury, IRS Release Final Regulations on Elective Pay Election for Energy Tax Credits

Machen McChesney

The Department of the Treasury and the IRS on March 5 released final regulations ( TD 9988 ) on the elective pay election for certain energy tax credits under IRC Section 6417, added by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which treats the credits as a payment against federal income tax liabilities.

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National Security: Treasury Proposes Expansion of CFIUS Enforcement Authority

John Jenkins

Late last week, the Treasury Department announced the issuance of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking “to enhance certain CFIUS procedures and sharpen its penalty and enforcement authorities.”

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Stock Repurchase Excise Tax: Treasury and IRS Announce Proposed Regulations

John Jenkins

Earlier this month, the Treasury Department and […] Shortly after the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, a number of tricky interpretive issues regarding the stock repurchase excise tax were identified, and the IRS published temporary interim guidance in Notice 2023-2.

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The Shortest Treasury Bills

Essentials of Corporate Finance

As we mentioned in the textbook, generally the shortest Treasury bills issued are 13 week maturity. However, given the recent debt ceiling problems, the Treasury issued cash management bills (CMBs), with a one day maturity. On Friday, June 2, the Treasury sold $15 billion in one day CMBs, to be issued on June 5 that mature on June 6.

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SEC Chair Speaks About the Treasury Markets and the Debt Ceiling Discussions

Reynolds Holding

5] After all we achieved to reform the swaps markets, Scott O’Malia—your CEO and a former fellow CFTC Commissioner—has asked me to return for yet another lively Chicago discussion, this time about our work in the $24 trillion Treasury markets. Treasuries are embedded in money market funds. Treasuries are embedded in money market funds.