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Harvard Corporate Governance

Posted by Kavya Vaghul and Ashley Marchand Orme, JUST Capital, on Monday, June 20, 2022 Editor's Note: Kavya Vaghul is Senior Director of Research and Ashley Marchand Orme is Director of Corporate Equity at JUST Capital. Pay Equity.

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The Market for CEOs: Evidence from Private Equity

Harvard Corporate Governance

A wide range of research examines the market for CEOs and executive mobility in public companies while largely ignoring the market for CEOs in private equity funded companies. companies (enterprise value greater than $1 billion) purchased by private equity firms between 2010 and 2016. We find that 71% of those companies hired new CEOs under private equity ownership. times on its equity investment. Posted by Paul A. Gompers (Harvard Business School), Steven N.

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The Corporate Calendar and the Timing of Share Repurchases and Equity Compensation

Harvard Corporate Governance

Wang (discussed on the Forum here ); and Share Repurchases, Equity Issuances, and the Optimal Design of Executive Pay by Jesse M. 2013 ) and specifically the CEO ( Moore, 2020 ) are more likely to sell equity when firms buy back stock.

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Myths vs. Facts: What Do Private Equity Firms Do?

Viking Mergers

If you have ever looked into selling a business, you may have learned that there are many types of buyers and deal structures, from employee buyouts, strategic acquisitions, to private equity firms. We have noticed many misconceptions about a particular kind of buyer: the private equity firm.

Benefits of Selling to a Private Equity Group

Viking Mergers

To some, the topic of selling to private equity groups does not stir positive feelings. What is a Private Equity Group? Private equity is often lumped into a single category of leveraged buyouts , which has played a large role in the negative reputation.

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Why Growth is Important to Private Equity

Business Sales M&A

One of the main premises behind a Private Equity Group (PEG) acquisition is to use debt to amplify the returns on the equity portion of it. Articles Business Valuations Exit Planning Mergers and Acquisitions Posts business valuations EBITDA multiple private equity valuation multiples

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Liability for Non-Disclosure in Equity Financing

Harvard Corporate Governance

Notably, the damage payment received by the outside investors is offset in part by the reduced value of their equity stake. Posted by Albert H. Choi (University of Michigan) and Kathryn E. Spier (Harvard Law School), on Friday, April 22, 2022 Editor's Note: Albert H. Choi is Paul G. Kauper Professor of Law at the University of Michigan and Kathryn E. Spier is Domenico De Sole Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. This post is based on their recent paper.

The state of diversity in US private equity


Taking a closer look at the data reveals private equity’s progress, remaining challenges, and the road ahead on diversity. Insights on Private Equity & Principal Investors Private Equity

Diversity Leaders Open New Doors for Equity Investors

Harvard Corporate Governance

Posted by Gayle Baldwin and Vivian Lubrano, AllianceBernstein, on Friday, July 22, 2022 Editor's Note: Gayle Baldwin is a Senior Vice President and Senior Research Analyst, and Vivian Lubrano is a Portfolio Manager for Portfolios with Purpose at AllianceBernstein.

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The Law and Economics of Equity Swap Disclosure

Harvard Corporate Governance

This post is based on his recent paper, The Law and Economics of Equity Swap Disclosure , which is in turn based on a comment letter he filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in response to a request for comments on its proposal regarding the disclosure of equity swaps. In my paper The Law and Economics of Equity Swap Disclosure , and in a comment letter I filed with the Commission, I provide a critical assessment of this proposal. Posted by Lucian A.

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Forging your own path: Sandra Horbach on building a career in private equity


The cohead of US buyout and growth at Carlyle shares thoughts on the state of private equity, the path forward on diversity and inclusion, and advice on building a successful career in the industry. Insights on Private Equity & Principal Investors Private Equity Women & Leadership

Fannie’s ‘Equity’ Plan: The Drinking Game

Appraisers Blog

What makes equity so invidious as a governing tenet is that it involves not just helping people of one racial or cultural group but it has the effect of knocking struggling members of disfavored groups out of the game.

Debevoise Discusses FTC Focus on Private Equity

Reynolds Holding

On June 13, 2022, the Federal Trade Commission’s (“FTC”) five commissioners aired their ideological differences over the regulation of private equity-backed consolidation and the tools used to police such deals via a consent agreement settling the FTC’s challenge to a $1.1 The Commission’s statements and relief granted in the consent agreement could have far-reaching implications for future private equity acquisitions, particularly roll-up strategies. Focus on Private Equity.

Why private equity sees life and annuities as an enticing form of permanent capital


Insights on Private Equity & Principal Investors Private Equity Life insurancePrivate acquisitions of in-force books are growing. Here’s a playbook for those considering market entry, those already in, and insurers wondering how to respond.

Do Equity Markets Care About Income Inequality? Evidence from Pay Ratio Disclosure

Harvard Corporate Governance

Understanding equity markets’ assessment of income inequality is important because equity markets allocate capital and send valuation signals to firms, informing and possibly shaping corporate policies that contribute to or mitigate income inequality. Posted by Stephan Siegel (University of Washington), on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 Editor's Note: Stephan Siegel is Professor of Finance and Business Economics at the University of Washington.

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Antitrust: Heads Up, Private Equity!

John Jenkins

This Wilson Sonsini memo highlights recent statements by senior DOJ & FTC officials that suggest that antitrust regulators are increasing their scrutiny of the private equity industry. In particular, director interlocks, roll-ups and issues surrounding private equity funds as divestiture buyers are getting a lot of attention.

Cannabis Licensing: Will New York's Social Equity Model Set The Trend Or Get Tripped Up?


Several states that have recently or soon intend to roll out their adult-use cannabis marketplaces hope progressive equity licensing measures pay off, unlike the states before them. Part of the anticipated booming economy will be equity license holders.

Statement by Chair Gensler on Proposed Joint Amendments to Form PF

Harvard Corporate Governance

That proposal would, among other things, require certain advisers to hedge funds and private equity funds to provide current reporting of key events, and enhance reporting requirements for large private equity and large liquidity fund advisers. Posted by Gary Gensler, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, on Thursday, August 11, 2022 Editor's Note: Gary Gensler is Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This post is based on his recent public statement.

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2022 Trends in Private Equity

Class VI Partner

2021 Private Equity M&A Recap 2022 Deal Activity, Lender Environment and Outlook Conclusion. 2021 private equity deal activity was record-breaking by nearly every metric. The post 2022 Trends in Private Equity appeared first on Class VI Partners KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS.

Private Equity Headhunters: Pathway Providers or Unethical Gatekeepers?

Brian DeChesare

You’ll almost always have to deal with private equity headhunters if you want to win offers at mid-sized-to-large private equity firm s. Purpose: Headhunters function as outsourced recruiting and HR for private equity firms. The Top Private Equity Headhunters.

Statement by Commissioner Uyeda on Proposed Joint Amendments to Form PF

Harvard Corporate Governance

Accounting & Disclosure Institutional Investors Practitioner Publications Private Equity Regulators Materials Securities Regulation CFTC Disclosure Form PF Hedge funds Private equity Private funds SEC SEC rulemaking Securities regulationPosted by Mark T. Uyeda, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, on Thursday, August 11, 2022 Editor's Note: Mark T. Uyeda is a Commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This post is based on his recent public statement.

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Dispelling Myths about Private Equity Buyers

Benchmark Report

Private Equity buyers will come in and get rid of all of my employees, borrow an absurd amount of money to finance the acquisition, thereby straining my company’s balance sheet and income statement, and then, light a match Goodfellas-style when they are done extracting value from it.

Pearl Street Equity Acquires Webonise

Business Wire M&A

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pearl Street Equity LLC (or “Pearl Street”) and affiliates today announced the acquisition of Webonise US, LLC (“Webonise” or the “Company”), a global technology product development and services company that builds capabilities that enable businesses to thrive.

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Private Equity Is the New Financial Supermarket


Private-equity firms were once niche players serving big clients. Private Equity Banking and Financial Institutions Regulation and Deregulation of Industry Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures Blackstone Group, The Apollo Global Management Carlyle Group LP TPG Capital KKR & Co LP

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion


During the COVID-19 pandemic, women have had bigger workloads—and have burned out in greater numbers. Government leaders can use proven approaches to address these issues and build better workplaces. Public & Social Sector Insights Public & Social Sector

Health equity: Activating meaningful change


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted longstanding health and social inequities in healthcare and raised the urgent question of how health equity can be achieved.

What Is Cost of Equity?

Andrew Stolz

Definition of the Cost of Equity. The theoretical return the firm pays its equity investors (shareholders) is known as the cost of equity. In other words, the cost of equity is the rate of returns a firm pays to its shareholders. What Impacts the Cost of Equity?

What Is Equity Risk Premium?

Andrew Stolz

Definition of Equity Risk Premium. What Impacts the Equity Risk Premium? How Do You Calculate Equity Risk Premium? Equity risk premium can be calculated by subtracting the expected risk-free rate from the market expected return. Why is the Equity Risk Premium Important?

What Is Assets To Equity Ratio?

Andrew Stolz

Definition of Assets to Equity Ratio. The assets to equity ratio allow you to understand to what extent a business is funded by equity or debt. The ratio measures the total assets in relation to total equity. What is the Formula for Assets to Equity Ratio?

How To Exchange Startup Equity For Services

Startup Valuation Blog

If you consider exchanging startup equity for services - you should follow three basic steps. . In the absence of financing, they offer service providers equity in exchange for services. The exchange of equity-for-services that is done correctly helps the founders bring on developers, biz dev people, marketers, and other services providers and keep them to the end. The exchange of equity-for-services is a deal that involves negotiating. Allocate the Equity.

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FirstGroup rejects £1.2bn takeover bid from US equity firm

The Guardian M&A

Operator of GWR and South Western Railways says proposal fails to reassure investors Britain’s biggest train operator FirstGroup has rejected a £1.2bn takeover proposal from a US private equity firm, after its board determined the offer was too low.

What Is Return On Equity?

Andrew Stolz

Definition of Return on Equity (ROE). The ROE divides the net income of a company with the shareholder’s equity. The shareholder’s equity is the company’s assets minus the company’s debt. Net Income ÷ Shareholder’s Equity.

Private equity moves into the antitrust spotlight

Financial Times M&A

Top US enforcer wants more scrutiny of ‘roll up’ acquisitions which build dominant market shares

Private Equity Firm Carlyle In Advanced Talks to Buy Defense Contractor ManTech For $4B: Report


defense contractor ManTech International Corp (NASDAQ: MANT ) is in advanced talks to be bought by private equity firm Carlyle Group Inc. AJRD CG Defense Contractor LMT M&A MANT News private equity Tech Media MANT US5645631046 LMT US5398301094 CG AJRD News M&A Tech Media Benzinga

Private Equity Mega-Funds: The Best of the Best?

Brian DeChesare

Ask the average student or professional in the finance industry about their long-term career goal, and they’ll usually say, “ private equity mega-funds. ”. Similar to middle market private equity , though, there are some definitional problems here. Private Equity - Groups

Euromoney accepts £1.7bn private equity offer

Financial Times M&A

Astorg and Epiris have made multiple bids for financial publishing and data group

What is diversity, equity, and inclusion?


It’s three values held by many organizations working to be mindful and supportive of different groups of individuals. McKinsey Explainers

Wall Street’s private equity hangover

Financial Times M&A

Plus, internal strife divides the Kuwait Investment Authority and venture capital faces a reckoning

Racial and ethnic equity in US higher education


Institutions have the potential to use their roles in teaching and learning, research scholarship and creative expression, and service to the community to collectively work toward greater equity. Insights on Education Education Public & Social Sector United States Diversity

Generational Equity Advises Peak Performance Team in its Merger with PCF Insurance Services

Business Wire M&A

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Peak Performance Team, a Generational Equity client, merged with PCF Insurance Services

How to Close a Business with Negative Equity

Accounting Web

Clients How to Close a Business with Negative Equity

Sidley Austin Adds Private Equity, M&A Partner to NY Office

Law 360 M&A

Sidley Austin LLP has added a Jones Day veteran to boost its mergers and acquisitions and private equity practices in New York

Generational Equity Advises Directional Advertising Solutions in its Sale to JAL Equity

Business Wire M&A

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Directional Advertising Solutions, a Generational Equity client, was acquired by JAL Equity