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Venture capital funding in 2022 significantly decreased compared to 2021

Fox Corporate Finance

The ever-increasing venture capital funding for European life sciences companies halted in 2022. The post Venture capital funding in 2022 significantly decreased compared to 2021 appeared first on FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH.

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Global Venture Capital Funding Scales New Heights

Global Finance

Global VC investment nearly doubled in value to $671 billion, according to the latest quarterly report from KPMG Enterprise.


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US Biotech Venture Capital Funding in 2021 significantly exceeds Funding in 2020

Fox Corporate Finance

With a volume of roughly USD 33.0bn, the overall financing for US biotech companies in 2021 yet again surpassed the total funding of the previous year (USD 22.4bn). Compared to 2020, the funding volume increased.

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Q2 2022 Venture Capital Funding Data Shows a Steep Drop, But Still Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels

National Law Review M&A

Louis Lehot Jurisdiction: All Federal Type of Law: Financial Institutions & Banking Antitrust & Trade Regulation Mergers & Acquisitions

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Do Venture Capital Funds Overstate Their Performance? The Effects of FOIA

Reynolds Holding

Venture capital (VC) has become an increasingly important asset class for institutional investors such as endowments, pension funds, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds, as well as for wealthy individuals. A large amount of money is involved: U.S. VC-backed companies raised nearly $300 billion in 2021.

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How Revenue-Based Financing and Venture Capital Work Together

Lighter Capital

VCs unfamiliar with revenue loans are often curious how they fit into the funding life cycles of tech startups that also raise equity. Is it a replacement for venture capital funding or something different? Some of the companies we fund may never seek venture capital funding. Who gets RBF?

Finance 106
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Mitigating climate change with venture capital: A conversation with Wavemaker Impact’s Steve Melhuish

Mckinsey and Company

The founding partner of a Southeast Asian venture capital fund explains his company’s global ambitions to create economic opportunity, promote sustainability, and reduce carbon emissions.