Does Mandatory Board Gender Balancing Reduce Firm Value?

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As a social-policy instrument, forced board-gender balancing is in principle unrelated to firms’ economic performance. Not surprisingly, by early 2008, all ASA firms had complied. Norway is typical in that there are relatively few women with CEO experience at large firms.

Voting for Socially Responsible Corporate Policies

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In a recent paper , my coauthors and I examine voting on corporate policies when investors care about both maximizing firm value and achieving one or more social objectives. Put differently, investors in a firm face a trade-off when pushing for many environmental and social goals.


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Delegated Gender Diversity

Harvard Corporate Governance

Despite the growing emphasis on gender diversity, women still represent less than 20% of board members in publicly listed firms worldwide. In 2004, Norway became the first country to legislate that all Norwegian publicly listed firms should have at least 40 percent female directors. The literature provides mixed evidence on the impact of female board representation on firm value.

Hidden Gems: Do Compensation Disclosures Reveal Performance Expectations?

Harvard Corporate Governance

Performance-based stock grant is an increasingly popular form of incentive pay for public firm CEOs in U.S. Under these grants, executives are expected to receive different levels of stock payments (“threshold,” “target,” or “maximum”), contingent on the firm’s meeting pre-specified hurdles by the end of the performance evaluation period. First, firms often cite performance expectations over the evaluation period to justify the reported unearned shares. Posted by C.

How Useful are Commercial Corporate Governance Ratings in Emerging Markets?

Harvard Corporate Governance

Some researchers measure firm-level CG using country-specific indices (CSIs), tailored to each country’s laws and institutions; several studies report that these indices can predict Tobin’s q in emerging markets, in a panel data framework with firm fixed effects. A substantial body of CG research studies the extent to which firm-level CG choices, often captured in CG indices, predict firm value, profitability and other outcomes.

Dual Class Shares in the Age of Common Ownership

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His incentives as controller of Meta are thus clear: Maximize firm value and private benefits of control, irrespective of the effect that might have on other firms. Mark Zuckerberg has virtually all his personal wealth invested in Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook).

Acquisition premium - What is it, and How to Calculate it?


An acquisition premium expresses the difference between the price paid for a firm and the value of the firm. For example, suppose a firm is valued at $ 1 million. Suppose an investor also purchased the firm for $ 1.1 In our example, the difference between the purchase price and the firm's value equals $ 0.1 If the price to be paid for the firm is $ 0.9 This price will equal the amount of the firm's value plus the purchase premium.

Boardroom Gender-Diversity Reforms and Institutional Monitoring

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This gap also contrasts with regulators’ reliance on investors to help ensure firms’ faithful implementation of the reforms. Our treatment sample consists of firms from 25 countries that amended a corporate governance code or enacted legislation to improve boardroom gender diversity.

According to - Equitest is the Leading Business Valuation Software for Startups

Startup Valuation Blog

Equitest is an Israeli fintech startup developing an online valuation platform that enables startups to manage and enhance their value with tools like business valuation calculator , business valuation software, pitch deck creator, and cap table management software. As a result, I decided to set up a platform that would allow entrepreneurs to assess a company’s value without prior knowledge quickly. Equitest is a one-stop-shop for evaluating and enhancing the firm’s value.

How the Balance of Power Is Changing in the Resolution of Corporate Financial Distress

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A chapter 11 case, besides extinguishing the option value of equity interests, can also mean the end of advisory fees and an enhanced threat of litigation against a sponsor and its representatives. Smith & Amir Sufi, Creditor Control Rights, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value , 25 Rev.

9 Factors That Affect The Value Of A Startup

Startup Valuation Blog

The value of a startup is affected by many factors. Here is a list of nine factors that affect the value of a startup. . As we have already mentioned the importance of valuing your startup, an increased startup value directly means that you are excelling in your startup, and your continuous struggle will indeed bear fruit. However, how can you ensure that your startup value is increasing? 3. Capital Turnover Value.

ESG Valuation Considerations – Top Down or Bottom Up?

Value Scope

It was a hot topic before the COVID pandemic, in discussions to measure and value how companies engaged in sustainable and societally beneficial activities. The challenge is that it is difficult to value things that are not clearly defined and measured, with some sort of consensus.

How Takeovers Affect  Firms’ Voluntary Disclosure

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How does the possibility of being taken over affect the disclosure of information by the management of the target firm? In my recent article, I develop an analytical model to study the effect of takeovers on the voluntary disclosures made by the management of the target firm.

How To Increase The Value Of A Startup?

Startup Valuation Blog

Do you want to increase the value of a startup? . . How To Increase The Value Of A Startup? And that is why every step you take needs to be calculated and planned to a fool-proof finesse that makes the base of your business firm and long-lasting. As in the previous book, “How To Value Your Startup,” we have discussed the perfect method of valuing your startup, and that is by the carefully engineered system of Equitest. 3. Capital Turnover Value.

What Is Capital Budgeting?

Andrew Stolz

The net present value of an asset (NPV). Calculating the payback period would help the firm know how long it is going to take to recover the cost of an investment. Throughput analysis looks at the firm as a whole. Definition of Capital Budgeting.

The Innovation and Reporting Consequences of Financial Regulation for Young Life-Cycle Firms

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Over the last several decades, financial regulators have increa Add New sed governance and reporting requirements for publicly listed firms, frequently with the goal of improving the reliability of financial information available to investors.

ESG A Valuation Framework

Value Scope

The notion that we can come together and we can get our regulator to focus on an amorphous set of qualities other than the long-term financial value of a corporation, I think we’re fooling ourselves,” said Commissioner Peirce on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street. . Value.

Appraisal as a Shareholder Voice in M&A Transactions

Appraisal Rights

The author ultimately argues for a “shareholder voice in situations of high importance to firm value and share price.”. . Appraisal-Eligible Deals Fair Value Shareholder Vote Voting Against the MergerIn this post by Professor Afra Afsharipour of the UC Davis School of Law, she discussed what she identifies as the bidder overpayment problem, where bidders often pay more for publicly traded targets due to managerial agency costs and behavioral biases.

What is the impact of Inflation on valuation?


Therefore, its income increases as well as its value. In that case, the firm's profit margin will diminish and, as a result, the firm's value. In that case, the value can increase or decrease - depending on the question - at what rate can the firm raise the prices?

Issuer Liability: Ownership Structure and the Circularity Debate

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However, in the United States – the country where securities class actions are most prevalent –, many scholars are highly skeptical about the social value of issuer liability through securities class actions.

Why Do Companies Going Public Choose Controversial Governance Structures, and Why Do Investors Let Them?

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Over the past three decades, there has been increasing concern about how corporate governance structures such as classified boards and dual class stock entrench managers, reduce director effectiveness, and reduce firm value. Likely as a result, mature firms have increasingly eliminated these structures. Strikingly, newly public firms’ structures have moved in the opposite direction. Why Might IPO Firms Adopt Classified Boards and Dual Class Stock?