Is Radiant Opto-Electronics an Undervalued Dividend Play?

Andrew Stolz

The company has almost no long-term debt, thought is does have short term debt, leading to a negative net debt-to-equity ratio of 0.7x. EBIT margin on a slightly lower level given an increase of low-cost manufacturers.

Has Volvo’s Strong Value Creation Been Overlooked by the Market?

Andrew Stolz

Net profit sees a strong rebound in 21E and could exceed its pre-pandemic level in 22E. Net assets have fallen in 2020 after selling UD truck segment to Isuzu Motors. However, increased CAPEX for capacity expansion and battery development lead to increase in net fixed assets again.

Material Adverse Effect Clauses

Erik A. Lopez

In particular, IBP’s past performance revealed strong swings in annual EBIT and net earnings. In addition, the increase in net debt had been small (5%), and the Huntsman business units affected by the downturn contributed only 25% of overall EBITDA.