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Is Hyundai’s Parallel Strategy a Potent Value Play?

Andrew Stolz

Mainly from fierce price competition, higher labor costs and the recent chip shortage. If it can maintain a 6-7% EBIT margin it changes the market’s assessment of the company. Book value is the value attributable to shareholders in case the company sells all its assets and repays its liabilities (also called liquidation value).

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29 Valuation Interview Questions and Answers: Mastering the Art of Crackling Interviews


Its calculation involves the subtraction of capital expenditures, changes in working capital, and taxes from the company's Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT). Common multiples used in this comparative analysis include EV to EBIT, Price to Cash Flow, and PE Ratio. One key emphasis is on the Price to Book Value multiple.

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Data Update 1 for 2023: Setting the table!

Musings on Markets

I also report on pricing statistics, again broken down by industry grouping, with equity (PE, Price to Book, Price to Sales) and enterprise value (EV/EBIT, EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales, EV/Invested Capital) multiples. Standard deviation in stock price 2. Price to Book 3. EV/EBIT and EV/EBITDA 4.